About Steel-Deck. The easy DIY deck floor frame system


  • Steel-Deck is a DIY friendly floor framing system which is especially designed and structurally certified for new and replacement decks.
  • Supplied in kit form; it is made from pre-cut Stramit bearers and joists and Steel-MAX connector brackets, tek screws and optional stumps.

About us

  • Steel-Deck??is designed by Steel-MAX Building Systems, it is available exclusively for sale from Bunnings Special Orders and Bunnings Trade
  • It is delivered directly to your site in kit form, by Stramit Building Products.
  • Steel-MAX Building Systems is a Queensland based structural design business. It is a registered trade name of Modular Building Components P/L (ACN 69 169 679) Est. 1995.
  • We design and engineer Steel-Deck and the Stramit Steel-MAX Floor Framing System, as well as make a range of complimentary components for them including stumps, connector brackets and many other associated products.
  • Stramit Building Products is a trading name of Stramit Corporation P/L (ABN 57 005 010 195)
  • Bunnings Warehouse and Trade stores are located nationally. Use the store locator icon to find a store near you, or your job site.

Who sells it?

  • Your Steel-Deck system is sold exclusively by Bunnings Special Orders and Bunnings Trade

Who delivers it?

  • Your Steel-Deck system kit is delivered directly to your site by Stramit Building Products.
  • This is generally within a 30 km radius of any Bunnings store.
  • Delivery is subject to the Delivery Terms and Conditions available on this site. Delivery does NOT include special, remote or difficult site conditions.??An extra fee may apply to some sites as well as to areas beyond the 30 km radius of your Bunnings store.
  • Alternative delivery locations can be arranged with Bunnings if needed.

Download the??Product and Installation Guide here. (PDF – 900kb)

Steel-Deck Panels


Steel-Deck is an engineer designed and certified, screwed together DIY friendly steel floor framing system.

Made from Stramit long span bearers and joists, using corrosion resistant BlueScope Z350 galvanised steel, as well as Steel-MAX brackets, tek screws and optional steel stumps.

Rectangular in-plane panels are supplied with bearers and joists pre-cut to length and labelled for easy assembly on site and easy connection to existing structures.

Load rated at 3.0 kPa, Steel-Deck is suitable for most domestic and many light commercial applications.

In-plane panels can be joined together to make larger floor frames to the size and shape needed.

Steel-Deck Stumps

Steel Deck Stumps

Optional Steel-MAX stumps to suit the Steel-deck system, are available.

Steel-MAX modular stumps are supplied as a ???Pack???, consisting of a base, telescopically height adjustable top, galvanised post tube and the tek screws needed. These are easy to assemble and install, as well as provide the necessary strength and load support.

The galvanised stump tube is supplied in 8.0m stock lengths only, for cutting to required lengths on site by the builder/installer.

Stumps can be up to 4.0m high.


Steel-Deck frames


Make any combination floor needed, with any number of individual panels, of any size up to 12.0m long (bearer direction) x 5.0m wide (joist direction).
Load rated = 3.0 kPa
a live load (approx. 300 kg / m2)
Suitable for most domestic as well as some light commercial decks and mezzanine floor applications.

Joists are spaced at 450mm centres to suit most timber decking and sheeting.

Steel-Deck examples

Make any combination floor needed, with any number of individual panels, of any size up to 12.0m long (bearer direction) x 5.0m wide (joist direction)




Free-Deck-DesignDesign criteria

Standard allowances:

Joists centres = 450 mm c/c

Floor Loads:??

Live load = 3.0 kPa and 1.8 kN concentrated load, suitable for domestic decks up to and over 1.0 m high.

Dead load = 0.5 kPa

Bearers and joists have been designed to support timber decking or FC sheeting.

Joists must be fixed to end nesting bearers with joist connector brackets supplied to provide web stability and stiffening to both bearer and joists.

Bearers supported on masonry piers or flat surfaces where no web support is provided, must have a minimum of 200 mm bearing along the bearer where the bearer is continuous over that support and 100 mm minimum bearing at the end where direct bearing only occurs.

This is not a requirement where bearers are supported on Steel-MAX stumps, which provide sufficient web support in addition to direct bearing.

Planning your deck

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