“A custom designed DIY deck floor frame system, simplified for you.”

What is Steel-Deck?

  • DIY friendly, light weight structural galvanised steel floor frame system.
  • Designed by Steel-MAX Building Systems.
  • Custom made to suit your needs.
  • Suitable for most domestic and light commercial decks.
  • Available from Bunnings Special Orders and Trade.
  • Delivered directly to most sites in pre-cut kit form, usually in 7-14 working days, depending on location.


  • Brush Fire Zone Areas
  • Flood Zone Areas
  • Decks
  • Verandahs
  • Granny Flats
  • New Homes
  • Mezzanines


  • Custom made
  • Supplied pre-cut and labelled
  • Free design service
  • Bearers & Joists cut to size
  • Economical
  • Labelled
  • Delivered in kit form, usually within 7-14 working days


  • Optional site specific system certification
  • System certification
  • Channel bearers & Joists
  • Connector brackets & Tek screws
  • Installation guide
  • Delivery to site (Conditions apply)
  • Optional stumps and/or posts

Steel-MAX Stumps

The perfect partner for our Steel-Deck floor frames

We’ve designed our system specific stump components; Tops, bases and accessories, to work seamlessly with our Steel-Decks, residential floor frames and mezzanine systems.

The telescopically height adjustable tops makes it fast and easy to achieve the right height and level for your floor frame.

STEEL-MAX Building Systems™ modular stumps are supplied in two sections:- These are the “Stump Pack” (consisting of a base, height adjustable top), and the separate 90mm SHS galvanised stump tube.
There are two stump tops available. The standard “Edge-tops” (used to support perimeter bearers) and the “Centre-tops” (used where two Panel bearers join and butt together over the centre of the stump positions).
The galvanised stump tube is supplied in 8.0m stock lengths, for cutting to required lengths on site.

The stumps are very easy to assemble and install, as well as provide the necessary strength and load support.

See also the video below.


  • Tops and bases are pre-punched for Tek screws
  • Telescopically height adjustable
  • Galvanised
  • Tek screw fixed – no welding needed
  • Suits 90 x 90 SHS post tube
  • No ant capping required
  • Stumps are telescopically height adjustable, and are suitable in most load applications up to 4.0m in height





Our Process…

Steel-Deck is available for order at Bunnings warehouse | Special orders desk & Bunnings trade stores, throughout Australia.

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