All deliveries of the Steel-Deck floor framing System are made on behalf of Bunnings and Steel-MAX by Stramit Building Products; so we are reliant on Stramit’s performance during this process and are subject to their standard supply and delivery terms and conditions as independent agents.

Please note: Stramit’s delivery trucks are large, and require sufficient legal parking space and time to unload your frame. This is usually done with their hydraulic crane, which immobilises the truck during the process.

Stramit’s driver will assess the suitability of the unloading area, its safety, access, legal parking and other conditions prior to making the delivery.

If the driver deems the conditions unsuitable, the goods will be returned to Stramit’s store for re-delivery to another suitable site and time. This will also incur a re-delivery fee, and an order from Bunnings for this.

So; it is imperative that due consideration of the above is made prior to nominating a delivery address, to avoid any inconvenience, delay and a re-delivery fee.

The following conditions form part of Stramit’s standard conditions of supply and delivery to site, which we (Bunnings and Steel-MAX) are obliged to transfer onto the end customer, who is “Bunnings’ customer” (referred to below as the customer) who receives the goods and is reliant on their delivery as a result of their purchase from Bunnings.

In performing their deliveries to site on behalf of Bunnings and Steel-MAX; Stramit may:

  1. Deliver (or arrange delivery) of the Goods in the manner it deems fit to the Delivery Site.
  2. Stramit may advise the customer of the estimated delivery date and time and may alter it if necessary.
  3. Stramit may supply by instalments (more than on delivery). To the extent permitted by law, Stramit Bunnings and Steel-MAX will not be liable to the customer or any costs, loss or damage whatsoever (including indirect or consequential loss) caused directly or indirectly by any delay or failure to deliver the Goods or to perform the services on the date or at the time specified.
  4. The customer must accept the goods notwithstanding any extension or delay in the delivery or the availability of Goods for collection or in the performance of the services.
  5. The receiving customer must provide a suitable and safe area at the Delivery Site and truck access to unload the Goods and ensure that its use conforms to occupational health and safety legislation. The receiving customer indemnifies and holds harmless Stramit Bunnings and Steel-MAX from any and all claims arising out of delivery of the Goods.
  6. If the Delivery Site is unattended, Stramit or its contractors may deposit the Goods at the Delivery Site or retain the Goods if delivery is inappropriate. The signature of the deliverer on the delivery docket will be conclusive evidence that the Goods were delivered. The receiving customer will indemnify and hold Stramit Bunnings and Steel-MAX harmless from any loss or damage caused by the depositing of Goods at an unattended Delivery Site.
  7. To the extent permitted by law, Stramit Bunnings and Steel-MAX will not be liable to the receiving customer or to its employees or agents for any property damage or personal injury arising from any loading, unloading or delivery of the Goods. The receiving customer indemnifies Stramit Bunnings and Steel-MAX from any loss or damage suffered by the customer as a result of any property damage or personal injury caused by the delivery and unloading of Goods by Stramit except for and to the extent that the loss, damage or liability is caused by a wilful or negligent act or omission of Stramit or its contractors.

The receiving customer must pay Bunnings or Steel-MAX all costs and fees, if Stramit has a legitimate claim, resulting from any or all of the following:

  1. Any delay in delivery caused by the customer.
  2. Unexpected labour costs as a direct result of excessive delivery time holdups, or difficulties on site caused by the customer or its agents or representatives.
  3. Delivery Site conditions resulting in the incurring of additional costs.
  4. The risk of any loss or damage to, or deterioration of the Goods from any cause whatsoever passes from Stramit or Bunnings or Steel-MAX to the customer when the customer takes possession of the Goods or otherwise if Stramit delivers the Goods to the Delivery Site and unloads them at the Delivery Site, when Stramit has finished unloading the Goods.

If the customer has a legitimate claim against Stramit, Bunnings or Steel-MAX as a result of a delivery by Stramit:

  1. The customer must notify Stramit, Bunnings or Steel-MAX of any such claim in writing within 2 days after delivery of the goods.