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Enter your panel sizes and details in the light pink areas below and use your ???Tab??? key to step through the cells.

For product information click here??or????Download the??Product and Installation Guide here. (PDF – 900kb)

Step 1 Deck Panel sizes
* Enter your panel sizes and number of each below.
Note: Length is the bearer direction. Width is the joist direction. Stump QTY Guide
Panel Mark Length
(in metres)
12.0m Max.
(in metres)
5.0m Max.
Panel QTY
Max. space (m)
between stumps
(centre to centre)
No. of stumps
* per single
bearer only.
Area (m2) Number or panels= *Est Stumps:
* Estimated number of Stumps per single bearer only.
Double QTY if the deck is free standing. (for both bearers)
Rate (m2) ( NOT incl. Optional Cert.) *Per SINGLE bearer only

Step 2 Stumps (optional)
* Enter your average Stump height & number below.
Avg. height
(in metres)
Number of
Stump Tube (supplied in 8.0m lengths only, for cutting on site)
Lengths (Est.) Estimated number of lengths only

* Orders for Stumps only are
delivered to Bunnings for pickup.
(Not delivered to site)
Step 3 Place Your Order With Bunnings
Customer’s details
Name: * Date:
Mobile: Or Phone:
Email: *
Delivery/site address:
* Note: If only stumps are ordered; delivery is free into
Bunnings for pickup.(Not to site)

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  1. Standard system certification.???????? (See Notes-1 & 2 below).
  2. Standard delivery to site.???????? (See Notes-3 & 4 below).
  3. 3.0 kPa live floor load rating. (Suits domestic decks & some light commercial decks and mezzanines).
  4. Stramit channel Bearers & Joists cut to length and labelled.
  5. Steel-MAX connector brackets & Tek screws.
  6. Optional Steel-MAX Stumps.???? (See Notes-5, 6 & 7 below).


  1. Standard system is certified.
  2. Optional site specific “Certificate of Compliance” is available, if required.
  3. Delivery is included to sites with easy access, within a 30 km radius of your Bunnings store.??Systems are delivered directly to site by Stramit Building Products.??It does NOT include special, remote or difficult site conditions.??An extra fee may apply to some sites and areas beyond the 30 km radius of your Bunnings store.
  4. Supply is subject to Stramit Building Products’ Terms and Conditions of Sale.
  5. Stump Guide shows maximum spacing along bearers, plus the number of stumps,??(or other supports) needed for one side bearer only.
    This allows for decks to be fixed to an existing structure on one bearer side.??(If decks are free standing; double the number of stumps shown, to support both bearers).
  6. Stump tube is supplied in 8.0m stock lengths only, for cutting on site by the builder.
  7. If only stumps are ordered; delivery is free into Bunnings for pickup only. ( Not to site.)

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